“Like most of us, you work all week and you don’t have a chance to take a CHL class … We’re here to help!”

CHL Express

Presents the Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing Class in 8 Easy Steps….

  1. We present the 4+ hours Texas Concealed Handgun License class during the stress-free environment of the High Caliber Gun Show or your office, home, or off-site location.
  2. We present the class on Saturday and Sunday of the HCGS, Other wise, at your convenience.
  3. Class begins at 11:30 AM and adjourn around 4 to meet at a local gun range.
  4. You will do a supervised shoot of 50 rounds at 3 target distances. You will need your own handgun or you can rent one at the range.
  5. You will need a minimum of 50 rounds of high-quality brass ammunition, .32 caliber or greater.
  6. After shooting a 70% score, you will be issued a Texas State CHL-100.
  7. Before or after the CHLexpress.com event, you will need to log on to one of the following sites www.texashandgunlicenses.org or txapps.texas.gov/txapp/txdps/chl
  8. You will need to contact *Identogo Centers to schedule your fingerprints to be electronically submitted: www.identogo.com or call 888-467-2080.
  9. Once the Department of Public Safety for the State of Texas receives your initial application and fees, the fingerprint reports, AND the *CHL-100 we issue to you, they begin your background check. (Note- they use your Driver’s License photo) Within 60-75 days, your CHL License should arrive by mail.
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