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Our classes are easy, fun, and highly informative!  Our Texas License To carry to carry class is only $99.  You get the best in Texas for less. We make getting your Texas license to carry easy! 

Our Texas online license to carry class is certified and approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety handgun licensing division and is accepted by them as meeting the classroom training requirement needed to get your Texas license to carry. 

Who Can Take The Texas License To Carry Class

Anyone from anywhere in Texas can take our official Texas license to carry class regardless of what city you live in. We are certified license to carry instructors and our course is approved Statewide. As soon as you complete our class and shoot 50 rounds to assure your proficiency, you will receive your TEXAS State Form LTC-100 certificate of training.

Shooting Portion 

After class, we will adjourn and meet at a local shooting range. There, students will sign liability waivers,  pay range fees, and be expected to fire 50 rounds at a paper target, in a controlled non-threatening air-conditioned environment.  We will patiently work with new shooters and evaluate experienced shooter skills.  Required ear and eye protection will be provided by the range.  Normal glasses will qualify as eye protection.  

NOTE to new shooters:  You will experience many new sense sensations.  We will be there to make sure you are not overwhelmed.  

Exempt From The Shooting Portion 

Certain people are not required to complete the shooting portion of the Texas license to carry class. All they need to do is complete our Texas license to carry class and they are done. Those that are not required to shoot are:

  • Texas State Correctional Officiers “CO’s” are automatically exempt from the shooting portion.

  • Active duty military or veterans that have within the past 10 years completed training in the familiarization of firearms  OR have firearm shooting scores from the military.

  • County Jailers that have completed firearms training as part of their employment.


The above individuals are exempt from the shooting portion and only need our LTC class to receive a Texas license to carry. Have any questions? Contact us here


The price for the Real Estate Agent Safety Class is $49.  This class includes 4 hours of Continuing Education credit applied toward REALTORS license renewal.  

The price for the License to Carry Class is $99.

If a student *prepays for both classes, the price is $138. for both classes. Nice savings!

Student will pay range fees and sign range waivers upon arrival at the range. 

The GREAT State of Texas charges only $40. for the License to Carry On-Line application fee.  


NOTE: there are special prices for law enforcement, veterans, and county officials. See the DPS web site for those rates.

A new set of fingerprints is also required by the State of Texas.  The fee for this is $10 and they are electronically transmitted to the DPS in Austin. 


*Prepayment for ALL classes to be sent to  Please be sure to choose “Send money to family and friends” as this is for a service and not for an item.  With this selection, PayPal will not deduct their fees from your payment.