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Our Real Estate Agent Safety class is a 4 hour TREC accredited class. We’ll begin that class about *8:30 in the morning, running till around *noon.  At noon, we will break for lunch. After lunch, we will finish up Real Estate Agent Safety and move right into License to Carry. License to Carry is also a 4 hour class so we’ll end up around *4 PM. After the License to carry class, we will meet at a nearby shooting range and shoot proficiency tests.

The proficiency portion requires each student to fire 50 rounds into a paper target at 3 yards (20 rounds) , 7 yards (20 rounds) , and 15 yards (10 rounds). A perfect score will be 250 with a passing score of 170.   


Don’t worry about the Shooting Proficiency Test. We will patiently work with each student to make sure they are comfortable.  In fact, we enjoy students with no shooting experience. That way, we can teach you the safe way to load, handle, present, and fire your firearm. 


If we are doing only one of the classes, times will change but the 4 hour time for the class will stand. Naturally, it is all dependent upon the class and how many questions are asked. 


* times will vary with location.